New Me...Never Ending Lessons

I've lost my faith and respect to my most respected profession. I can't believe it would take one major event to change everyhting. I think my faith in it would never come back.
But it is a good humbling experience for me. And these are hte lessons I have learned:

1. Be humble. Humility will take you places. I've known that before but I guess, pride always get in the way. That's why it happened.
2. For everyone with the same profession like me, always be reminded of CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).
3. When you're a professional, act like a professional.
4. Keep holding on to God...never give up.
5. Never trust anyone who has broken your trust before. That is professionally speaking. By anyone I mean, those who have not done anyhting to earn back your trust.
6. Never expect sympathy from anyone at work.
7. You can think of 1001 reasons to start a fight but you'll end up angrier. Or you can think of 1002 reasons to avoid it, and have your peace of mind afterwards.
8. Be gentle but strict.
9. God is gentle, protective but strict. He's very strict because He does not want me to go astray.
10. Karma works for everyone. Believe me. Beware.
11. Blood is definitely thicker that water and more important than hormones.

On other thoughts.

Last Thursday after duty, I went home. The trip was not enjoyable because the AC was full blast, and that made my gall bladder to nearly explode. But I have to restrain that...yeah of course! The traffic was moderately heavy. Plus, I got carsick or should I say FX sick on the way to the bus stop.

I just watched TV shows with my Mom, bro, and Lyn. My sister was busy with her college life so she was not around most of the time. The next morning I had to hurry back to Manila.

Work was tiring because I had to talk with our customers. My throat hurts and I feel like I'm developing a cold. Why does cold called cold? Is it because you feel cold? Duh! Anyway, I have to pop some vitamins for that.

I had a dream about him--the love of my life. We were sweet in it. I hope it happens in real life.
Oh btw, the recent life-changing event that happened to me made me change for the better. I take consolation with the fact that everyday is a chance to be better.

I bought some new notebooks. I feel happy.

I am also thinking of changing my career. I want to study computer programming/software. I wish some good souls would act as my benefactor. I am a great student. I would pay you back by working in your company after I graduated.


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