Orange County

Orange County has been one of my favorite movies. Maybe because that is the kind of community that I would like to have, aside from Gilmore Girl's Community. I think Shaun Brumder and I are so much alike.

  • We both love to write.
  • We have loving families.
  • We are ambitious.
  • We both want the best for us up to the point when we are becoming too ideal.


  • He has a loving and supportive girlfriend, I have a disoriented boyfriend.
  • He is rich. I am working.
  • He has a lunatic brother, I am the lunatic.

Actually, it does not matter to me whatever our similarities or differences are, what matters is the lessons being imparted in the movie. That is, we can still be happy even if we do not get the "best". Just like him, he can still write although he chose not to study in Stanford. It depends on the person.

My point here is that I can be happy even if I do not choose the richest country. I might become ultra rich, but I know deep inside I'll be miserable. I have been finding it difficult to go on with life because I am trying to do what they want. (The spotlight is beaming onto me...) However, that is not what I want. But who knows, maybe, something good will come out of this.

My heart is bleeding--duh!


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