Walking on a Rainy Day Yesterday

The cold weather, soaking socks, Makati, and lots of walking made me happy yesterday. Since it was raining I was able to ride the MRT without squeezing myself in it. Glorietta was also not that crowded. I went to Makati to schedule an exam. And since taxi fares were expensive and there was a big chance that I would encounter bad drivers which would ruin my day, I decided to walk.

Damp streets, tall buildings, rich people inspired me. And although I know that I won't belong there (in Makati), I still enjoyed looking and watching people from the middle-upper class. They made me think that if they can do it, I can do it, too. I can also be successful and happy in my life. God surely loves them and God loves me, too.

Inside the mall (Glorietta, LandMark, SM), I could see celebrities, business people, and other interesting people. Everyone is educated. There is no need to shout or to step on one another.
Makati may be for the rich but it has been nice to me. Almost all of my memories of this place are sweet. Maybe it's sweet for me because I do not work there. I'm just visiting. There's no pressure for me there. Or maybe, Makati just reflects what I want for a city. Clean. Disciplined. Progressive.


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