I'm Back

I tried to abstain from writing here. That's because I don't have anything good to write aside from being very busy. I also promised myself that my next entry would not be about my usual rants. Now I have a lot of good things to write but i won't be writing about those things right now. I would be writing about all the good things, people, places in this life.

I was lonely for the past few months and I guess I should turn and look at the other side of my situation. I decided to be happy. I would stop whining and do something. And I did something for my future a while ago. Oh, I am even looking forward to it.

I have finally stepped into the path to maturity. I am not yet there but I am on my way there. I won't let discouragement get in the way. I've got a lot to be thankful for. I have trials to test and strengthen my character, crosses to remind me about my main mission in this life, family to ever inspire me and give me reason to keep on with my journey, friends to show that not all people are bad, Mark to love me and teach me how to love unconditionally, and of course God, what can I say? These people, creature, situations will make me into someone more beautiful than I already am.

And to those people who always visit this blog...I MISS YOU ALL!!!


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