I always see that old man buying from us. He has always been nice but knowing the spontaneity of the customers' character in my work--I don't want to believe it. And last night, for some reason, one of our clerks interviewed him. It turned out that his daughter has leukemia. It has only been a month or week since it was diagnosed. That night he was buying some medicines but with the lack of funds, he wasn't able to buy an antineoplastic drug for leukemia. So our clerk suggested that he buy Goji juice just like Noni juice and all the other herbals in the market nowadays. A lot of people from our department liked Goji juice and so most of them recommended it to others. He was gonna buy one for his daughter. But first he must take the meds first to his daughter. When he came back, he was asking for a refund form because as he was talking with us, his daughter died. His daughter was just 26. A few weeks ago, she was just like us--strong, young, and full of life. But she was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia. She died just like that.

We, in our area, were sad that night.

We are young and so full of life. But death find no exemptions. If it is your time, then it's your time.

No more Goji juice for her. Refunds for her father. Funeral. Babang-luksa. Moving on.

Isn't it sad when you go first instead of your parents? I don't want to cause that much pain to my parents. I'd rather be the lonely one.


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