When God Speaks

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20 years Ago:

I was 3 years old. I can't remember anything. Sorry. My first memory of childhood was when I was 4 years old when I first learned how to pray. Been praying to have a talking doll, and chocolates, and cakes. Hehe...

10 Years Ago:

I was in highschool. I went to De La Salle Lipa. All that was in my mind then was my studies. I did have a lot of crushes then but my studies was my main priority. And I was able to be in the cream section.

5 Years Ago:

I had the best year of my life. I turned 18. I really enjoyed my stay in college (UP Manila). I was able to buy and read the books I like. I loved my subjects. My classmates and I went to Puerto Galera for our Zoology subject. I was still determined. Inspired. I did have some major crushes but I was still determined not to get love be in the way.

I was already an internet junkie. Back then, I loved washing my clothes manually. I still iron my clothes. My weight was still normal. I loved fashion then.

3 Years Ago:

I was 20. Still in college. Mark was already in my life. I was overweight. I forgot about fashion. I've been going through a lot of trials with my family and my studies. But I was determined not to fail any of my subjects anymore. Since I did have a boyfriend. Kakahiya kase sa magulang ko kung may ibabagsak ako.

Last Year:

My family and I were dealing with the death of my father. We were also adjusting to our new house. It felt like everything was falling into place after the series of trials and dramas that we have experienced. Serenity at last. Mark went home for a vacation. We were able to spend time together. I have loved him even more.

I was introduced to blogging.

This Year:

Heaviest challenge with my relationship. Will it survive or not? I don't know. It's up to him.


I came from Lipa to my work. When I arrived at my workplace, it was full of people. Donor pharmacy was having their semi-annual inventory and so all donor patients were to go to us. Toxic talaga! 3 pa man din lang kaming pharmacists. But we were able to do it. I was also surprised at myself and at this girl I so hate at work.

It's ironic to think that the people I hate at work (except for... and ...) are the people I choose to confide in. Ano ba yan?!

Last Night:

I tried to listen to God. And He spoke with me. It was nice listening to Him. I slept at around 1 am and woke up to a dream about the short circuit/flame in our workplace where I had to keep the narcotics Haha pati sa panaginip--praning! Pati sa panaginip work pa rin. Langya talaga!


I will go to work. I'm expecting it to be a nother very busy day. I'm trying to move on. It's really hard.


My first of my three-day off. I will go back home to rest and try to spend more time with my Mom. I am also planning to visit Mt. Carmel. It's my favorite church.

Next Year:

I will have an idea on where I will really go. I will be taking a major pharmacy exam. I'm not sure if Mark and I will still be us. But life is unsure.

5-10 Years From Now:

I would have been married to a guy who loves me and whom I also love (sana nga si Mark na yun...) We would have had kids by then. We would be living outside the Philippines (hopefully Australia).

And now I'm tagging LHEI, TIN, RUSS, SANGI, and NAOMI.


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