Sundays have always been beautiful. That is why I really hate it when I have to spend it alone--especially when I have to spend it in Manila. The only time that I remember enjoying myself here (in Manila) on a sunday was during my stay with my relatives, and or spending it with him.

The magic of sundays never fails. In Manila, the streets are usually wide--very light traffic. The thought of spending time at the mall especially SM Manila or Mega Mall or any other SM makes me long for my family--thus making me happy.

In my hometown, the streets are usually crowded with people going to and from the Cathedral at the heart of the city. I enjoy hearing the mass. There was a time when my cousins and I would meet on a sunday and together hear the mass then go to Dunkin' or 7-11 afterwards. I also love it when I go to mass with my Mom or my sis.

I used to hate Sundays. Maybe because thinking about it and looking at myself make me depress. But last night, I realized why I hate sundays. Knowing about it open my mind to so many things to look forward to, not only during sundays but for the rest of my life.

I also want to tell you about him. Yes, I still love him but loving him does not hurt that much anymore. I guess, I have already accepted things. I have chosen to believe in the old saying about freedom and letting go, and coming back. I think that's true. I'm glad he's still around. I just hope we'll be together sooner.

Speaking of, I have to think about my plans so I guess I'll be going home today. I hope the result of the IELTS will come out already...(may result na but they mailed my letter/result). Hmm...

I'm glad at work because we have no anxious or angry customers today. I hope I won't always come across hard customers. Dealing with them is traumatic/stressful.

I like watching PINOY BIG BROTHER. I like all the housemates. It's like blog on tv.

I'm also glad it's a holiday today because I don't have to work with the people who don't like me.

Gotta go home.


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