Final Fantasy

Christmas is fast approaching and instead of feeling sad about the losses in my life, I feel great. I feel happy. I am excited although I'll be spending my Christmas at work. I seldom hear Christmas songs nowadays but whenever I think of Christmas, well, it's another reason to see my relatives--to greet friends. And it's another reason to think why living is so cool and how God loves us all.

My friends were teasing me though, they were expecting me to be sad and depressed. But I told them, I now choose to be happy.

Last night I bugged people in my phonebook with my forwarded messages. One of my friends even texted me:

Friend: "Ano b to nguubos kb ng load? Pangapat m ng msg to today ha.. get over it. ano b gsto m gawin?

(whoah! friend ko talaga siga pa rin hanggang ngayon...:) hehe...)

Me: Nakaunlimited po ako ngayon

Hay buhay...pero masaya pa rin ako kahit na nasindak niya ako. This morning I went to my boss to get my SPL form signed. Talking with her wouldn't be complete kung hindi niya ako tatarayan. And she did. But that's okay.

Maam Mara cornered me at CB today. She was concerned with my weight. She was concerned because I have lost a lot of it but the thing is I am concerned with my weight now because I am gaining weight again. I am back to my old happy self. Believe me kahit na I am always frowning. That just means I lack sleep. Insomnia makes me impatient to my patients...hehe.

I made up my mind. I am going to buy season 1 of [scrubs].


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