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Saturday off was spent watching DVDs. I bought 2 DVDs of Trigun. I'm planning to watch all of the 26 episodes on my 6-day off that is to come soon. I have to say goodbye to Vash the Stampede because the Vash that I know is no longer true. I guess some people are destined to be heros while others to be villains. For me, my Vash is destined to be my villain. That's why I have to keep it. Lock it up. And hopefully I won't have to see him again.

But I'm digging [scrubs] and I have this terrible longing to buy Season 1 to 3. Hmmm...hmmm...

Today is the 11th birthday of my inaanak Kaye. I went to their place to eat and celebrate with them.

Tonight, I'm lucky to see this night. The lights, the sky, the emptiness of my workplace, the darkness...tonight is a beautiful night. It makes me happy.

Have you noticed that there are lots of beautiful women around? Almost everyone have polished looks. That they kinda all look the same. I'm not sourgraping or anything but I sometimes feel like I should do what they are all doing. Knowing myself, trying to look good only comes seasonally. I'm comfortable with being simple. Especially when I have a lot on my mind, I don't care that much about my looks. But sometimes all these beautiful people make me ask my own self if I'm beautiful or not. With the recent breakup...well...what'w with superficial beauty? Subukan mong tanggalin ang mga nilagay o ginawa nila sa mga buhok nila...gawin mong simple ang porma nila...alam ko na may ilalaban ako kung panlabas na kagandahan lamang ang pag-uusapan. Noon pa ako naniniwala na wala yan sa panlabas na anyo--wala yan sa gandang panlabas...nasa kalooban yan. At iyan ang pilit kong pinapaganda sa sarili ko. Naisip ko lang naman ang mga ito.

I started to go into the world of Raoult, chemical reaction, vapor pressure, boiling points. I am enjoying interacting with all these knowledge. I am a geek/nerd/dork what can I say? I have started to deal with my old self and it's not that bad. I like my old self.


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