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What's up with me? I've lost a lot of weight for the past few days. This is not due to depression but rather due to insomnia. I would often find myself awake at 4am. I would only regain my sleep after an hour or two after tossing and turning. This made me get up at 10am. My work usually starts at 2pm. And so by the time I leave the house, I have no time to eat. I would just buy simple food that is easy to eat. And then it's work again.

I don't know my exact weight but Kim, Maam Lorna, and Maam Jane noticed the loss in weight.

Yesterday, I had the urge to buy a discman and CDs. I want to buy the albums of:

1) Billy Joel
2) Spandaeu Ballet
3) Cueshe (I like their song "Ulan".)
4) Orange and Lemons (Pinoy Ako eh...)
5) Sugababes (Push the Button has been constantly playing on my mind...malandi ang lola n'yo!)
6) Lifehouse (because of Sick Cycle Carousel)

But then my frugality won.

A lot of miracles also happened--both usual and unusual ones. Last Monday, I went on a mission. I visited Pleasant Hills. Too bad, I wasn't able to see Julia. I bought her donuts pa naman. Nasa school kase siya that time. But I talked with Ta Toots, Kuya Ade, Ta Girl, and Kin. It was a deeply meaningful visit for me.

I also got to spend one afternoon with Yas, our batchmate, and his friend. I already told you about it. It was a blessing for me because I learned a lot. We talked about the story behind the song American Pie, Cinderella Man, Beautiful Mind, our favorite movie lines, our past relationships (whoah...past...I do have a past relationship...does it mean I'm becoming normal?...hehe...), long-distance relationships, our Dads, engagement ring, jade ring, and the God of Gamblers.

That night ended with our batchmate and his friend walking Yas and I home.

Vito Cruz is now a happy place for me. Thanks to my friends who live within the vicinity.

Last night, Kim and I ate at Jollibee V. Cruz. It's nice that at 11pm, Jbee V. Cruz is still buzzing with people.

And later this afternoon, I went to Euro-Med for the long overdue blowout. I spent a lot of cash but what the heck, I am able to prove to myself that I can keep a promise. Talking with the guards of Euro-Med and with my friends Jeng and Alfred, I found out that a lot of things happened already. Euro-Med is my former company. And I promised the people there that I would treat them but I wasn't expecting that to happen after a year.

It makes me sad to know that faction is happening there now. Things have indeed changed. I left them this afternoon feeling sad, yet great. I walked the same path that I used to take everytime I went home from work. And this time, walking there is like saying goodbye to what used to be. Euro-Med will always be a part of the good memories of my life. It's different now but I'm different now, too. Walking away there means walking towards my new home away from home. Walking towards the familiar area of Manila. Someday I would leave Manila, too. But for now, I'm facing the present.

I want to look back, but you don't give me a reason to. How I wish you would, but you won't. Ulan by Cueshe is a great song, but I know in your place, it never rains.


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