180 Degree Turn

And so, another trial came into my life. And it's harder but I know that I can go through with it. God is with me.

Forgiving has been done. Moving on is next. Love shouldn't be forced on anyone. You can only woo them and try to influence their decisions. But it is still their free will. If it's meant to be, it will be. And so I'm not anymore doing anything about that area in my life.

From now on, my priorities will change. I will make it a point that God is really the first in my life. Iwill make sure that God is the greatest love of my life. It's gonna be an everyday reaffirment but I am willing to do that. I want to love Him sincerely. I want Him to be the first in my life. I've been disobedient for so long now. I want to love God. He is the first in my life. I want to be saved. I love God.

Oh I am worried of what my mom's feeling right now. Should I go home? I hope she goes well. You don't know really when complications will strike. This is another reason for me to love God and to be under his love. Thank you, God.

Blessing in disguise. In the midst of my fear and worries, people that really matters to me surfaced. Yes, from now on, my priorities will change.

I'm doing my 180-degree turn. It's about time. From now on, my priorites will change. I'm being steered into another direction. Harder but I can live with that.

Who says I won't cry anymore? I will. But this time, I'll be brave. Let's God's will be done.


tin said...

you are strong, sis! and i'm happy that you're on the right track.

as for me, loneliness still hits me sometimes. but everything's ok. things will fall into place. =)

yen said...

good 4 u coz u finally learned how 2 forgive someone who has caused u so much pain.. as for me, i cant say that ive totally forgiven my ex, but im feeling much better now and trying 2 make a way w/o him..

always put god on top of ur list.. be strong and have faith in the lord.. goodluck

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