For the past few days I received a lot of gifts.

  1. the old vendor, the umbrella and me
  2. invitation to sing and attend the pharmacy-sponsored mass at our chapel
  3. looking at the eyes of an insane girl. i could see the pain she was feeling and the loneliness in her eyes like she is really hopeless. i hope she goes well.
  4. mom's foot being cut by a can. she's diabetic. thankfully, the doctor was able to inject her with tetanus toxoid and antitetanus serum. once again, what matters resurfaced.
  5. my lola (father side) passing away. no more wounds that won't heal. no more hardened joints. no more apple juice because she couldn't eat and swallow solid food anymore. she is now with God. i will miss her but she's better there than here.
  6. saying "thank you" sheepishly and foolishly to someone.
  7. being an ate to my roomates, and to some special people.

Life is defintely getting better. And here are some of my wishlists. I'm appealing to God and to anyone who can help.

  1. lansagin ang WTO para sa kapakanan ng mga mangingisda. i don't know what WTO means but i am concern with fishermen's sake.
  2. going to Australia. Which means passing the Stage 1 APEC exam and being able to get a visa and being medically cleared.
  3. travelling the world and being able to document it.
  4. more true friends
  5. becoming a missionary/pharmacist/volunteer of UNICEF or any similar organization that lets me travel the world...again...travelling
  6. bear a child (not that I have a partner to do that and even if there is someone willing to be the father hehe...ayoko ng kung sino na lang...what I mean by this is someday okay?...defensive!!!)
  7. more precious moments with my family and friends...able to bring them wherever I go

Sana matupad ang wishes ko.


pObs said...

condolences po..

jeez, i rememberd my lola tuloy, she can't eat solid foods na din eh, =( she's 96 y.o na..

hayyy just felt sad!
anyways, goOdLuCk on your aussie visa app'n..=)

tin said...

hi jassy! you know, it's really amazing how you've managed to turn your life around. slowly, but surely. ako, i have my moments, but i also have my lapses. have to work in being consistent. =)

by the way, if you're free next thursday, 15th dec., you may want to join us in our singles blogista party at gerry's grill near glorietta. organized by amgine. it would be nice to meet all of you, people i've considered as my extended family, my ever present support group. just let me know. =)

Cheenee said...

yup i do hope matupad nga ang wishes mo. :)

yayam said...

i also hope na matupad na wishes mo. it's not only for your sake but for other people, too. as for me, i wish i could also travel around the world. and document it. hehehe.. that would be kewl..:p

but i have other wishes, too. just like going out with my family once more. i miss those times. haay.. :)

take care. :D

jassy said...

pobs: :)

tin: try ko. God gives me strength. But I have my lapses, too. Nalalaman ko na lang na nasasaktan na ko kaya i remind myself again of what is real and what I should be doing instead.

cheenee: hi... sana nga matupad sila.

yayam: sa pasko, you have the chance to spend time with your family again.

Lica said...

you are one blessed person. and you're lucky enough to realize that blessings not only come in the form of material things. Hope you get what you wish for! :D

blogsearcher said...

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