Keeping Quiet

Sometimes I hurt people with my words unintentionally. And I hated myself for offending people. That's why I'm keeping quiet at work. I believe that when I don't have anything good or helpful to say, I shouldn't speak at all. And here I am, violating that belief.

I miss our house but I have to stay here in the urban jungle and do some studying. Kim and I are already nervous about our exam. Basta, we will pass that exam.

Problems at work resolved. Boy, are we heartbroken? Especially him. We will all miss him. Goodluck to you, my friend.

Something good happened yesterday...it's been a long time since I feel this giddiness. It's just a crush and there's no way that he would like me back. But I really like Sam Milby. Hehe...


Lica said...

ako din, i keep silent when im mad kasi baka may masabi pa kong di maganda at lalong lumaki ang problema. it works most of the time.

good luck sa exams! :D

russ.â„¢ said...

hi jassy!ü same here.... i ultimately try not to say as much when im angry. but there are limits... right?

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