Unloading Someone

I spent my day-offs at home. I would have been terribly sick (there was a rumored diptheria outbreak in my workplace) but I didn't want to get sick and so I bought a month's supply of multivitamins and I got enough sleep to last for a week. I'm not sick anymore.

I know I shouldn't even write about him but I just feel the need to talk about him. No it's not about my past, it's about someone. That someone who has caught my attention the first time I saw him and who's been around for more than a year now. No he isn't courting me and there is no way that he will like me back. For me, this is just a crush. And this is just a phase that I have to go through.

I'm writing about him because I don't want to put any meaning to all the nice things he's doing for me. I know it means nothing to him. He's a complicated person and he's clearly not the guy for me. He's just around to teach me a lesson or two.

He gave me the impression that he was someone who is afraid of commitment, egoistic, and simply a jerk. But then he almost always surprised me when he talks with sense. He taught me a lot about dealing with people and dealing with life.

Basta I feel glad whenever I get a glimpse of him. Crush ko nga kase.

But starting tomorrow, kapag nakita ko na ulit siya, there's no more "malice" in my intention. Everything will be pure. I just want him to be a friend. No more, no less.

This is just a phase that I have to go through. And after this, it will just be about my career. Career first.


Lica said...

uuyyy!! may bagong love interest! heheh joke labng :D

yayam said...

you never know jassy..it can lead to a more intimate relationship.. hehehe..:D

merry xmas. :D

tin said...
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tin said...

enjoy the moment, jassy! relax, smile, and be happy! =)

yen said...

uuuy may bgpng crush hehe.. give it a shot.. u dont know the person yet, malay mo front nia lng yang pagi2ng jerk.. hehe..

jassy said...

lica: hehe...

yayam: i don't think so...:)

tin: you're right. I should just enjoy the moment...:)

yen: he's a jerk...di naman masyado. mabait pa nga sa akin eh. pero i've known him for a year and i don't think pwede kami. :)

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