My True Colors

I feel persecuted right now. See, I have the most number of night shifts in my area and I really, really hate that shift because it makes me weak, confused, and the more unproductive. I hate to waste my time. Hmm...my work is draining all of my energy.

Yes, I am grateful for my work, but sometimes, it's just unfair. And when I think things are unfair, I have the instinct to fight back by saying out loud what I feel. And I think I must have said something about the whole thing. Oh well, everyone knows that my boss does not like me at all. God will help and protect me from all of these. I'm just hoping and praying that all of my dreams, wishes, goals, and missions will come true. I hope God will protect me.

I am also sad because of remembering my past. I heard the song "True" by Spandeau Ballet over the radio and it reminded me that I am now alone, single, and pressured about my future.

I wasn't also able to talk with my crush. I'll just call him Apollo. Hehe... I know, I should just enjoy the moment. I shouldn't expect anything more.

On the bright side, UP College of Pharmacy won the 2005 Lantern Parade contest UP Manila chapter. It was helf at UP-PGH. And I am proud of my college. I am proud of my course. All-out talaga ang support ng college namin. It's about time.

I was also touched by Jimi's nice-ness. He approached me on the sidewalk (while I was watching the parade) and he asked me to join the parade. But I refused because I was wearing my "teacher's outfit" and carrying mg "doctor's bag". It would be really embarrassing. I would have joined them if I wore something white. I felt bad, of course, but I did watch the judgement at the PGH grounds.

Ethel and I also met up. We went to Kim's. She borrowed some stuff to be used in the contest in her school (UERM).

Hey, notice the difference in the colors of my blog? I'm now showing my true colors and they are pink and blue. Hehe...obviously...

Ruby joined our hospital family. Welcome Ruby. Go Block 27!!!

Just an observation. Batch 1998-2002 of UP-CP are more into their careers. Most of them are out of the country and working as pharmacists, while the rest of us here are working in different fields of pharmacy. I must say that I am proud of each and everyone of them/us.

And I miss all of them.

Some pics:

Wala lang...

CP's lantern

UP CP shirt


yayam said...

btaw, i like the new colors. :) nga pala, nagcode generator ako sa friendster..nasa css tips. :D

happy holidays! :D

tin said...

cutie colors! :)

it's alright to speak up, especially if you know that you're right. i hope things get better with your work. take care. :)

russ.â„¢ said...

hi jassy!Ü i'd like to share in with your sentiments. hehe. i am grateful for my work, in fact i love it. but sometimes, yea.. it just so damn unfair. hehe. anyways, i wanted to tell you that i love what you wrote in my box - that swimming in the water if it's deep and walking through it if's not.Ü

pObs said...

don't worry sis..it happens!

and who knows, 2006 is the lucky year for your to fin'lly meet your better half!

enjoy the festive season and stay happy!

pObs said...

don't worry sis..it happens!

and who knows, 2006 is the lucky year for your to fin'lly meet your better half!

enjoy the festive season and stay happy!

Lica said...

i like the pink-and-blueness with a hint of purple! heheh ur a pharmacy grad pala? wow! i always look up to pharmacists coz im so weak when it come to medications. i cant imagine how you guys manage to memorize all those generic names when i cant even do it for a single patient! kaya nga idol na idol namin ang classmate naming second courser who took up pharmacy as her first course. ..way to go!! and good luck with your boss.

btw, i tagged you in my site pala. :)

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