My December

It's December already. I am happy and hopeful. December reminds me of Christmas, of course (duh!) and of New Year, and of course, it reminds me of my birthday. My birthday is on January, a few days after the new year. For some years now, I have always forced myself to be old. I always felt like I had to be 27 or 30. But the other side of me refused to. The result is disaster. Now that my birthday is almost a month away, I realize that I am now given the chance to be young and mature. I have to stop being 21 and try not to wish to be 30. I should be 23 (turning 24). I should act like my age. And I should enjoy acting like one.

Life has a weird way of making me realize that. Oh well, I am weird so the ways of learning and unlearning things should also be weird.


Anonymous said...

hi jassy!Ü
right on sweetie! we should all be happy babies.Ü the Christmas spirit should be kicking in already. happy friday dear.


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