Night Shifts

And so I spent my Christmas at work. But God has give in to one of my whims and He let me get a glimpse of Apollo who wasn't on duty that time. He saw me and gave me a compliment. He said I looked good. Hehe... And I got to go to Baywalk with Ate Marlyn and Malou. It was my first time to go there after it has been renovated. I enjoyed walking with them but we talked about our past and it made me depressed a bit. There were live music all around baywalk on the eve of Christmas. I would have wanted to settle down on one of those and just listen to the musc but they wanted to walk. I love walking but I love listening to music more.

On Christmas day, it was just work. No glimpses...nothing. And so I got lonely again.

Yesterday, I went on a straight duty. I saw him but he was barely awake and so nothing. And I made the mistake of becoming Grinch. I do not hate Christmas but I said mean things to people. I am blaming it on my period but it's still not the reason to be tactless. I will make it up to them. How? I hate myself for being mean. Now they know that I could be bad. That I could really piss them off. That's one of my skills--pissing people off when I am pissed.

But I will make it up to them. Peace sisters!!!

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

I am reflecting and reading. I am reading The Purpose Driven Life book. It's about time to read it and reflect on it. It is really helping me.

I am happy because I bought another review book. This time I will finish that review book. I am nervous about the exam.

That's about it. 'Til tomorrow!!!


yayam said...

hello jassy!:D enjoy the rest of the year! :D

pObs said...

i sometimes blame my being mean on my pms..ehheh just can't help it!

happy new year to you and wishing you life full of love for 2006!

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