Too Fast

I can't believe it...but I am in love with someone new. I don't know...but I am hoping this is for real. Everything they told me while my heart was still broken is true. I am in love.


Lica said...

woohooo!!! ayan, season of love na naman...so binabawi mo na yung single forever post mo? heheheh

tin said...

wow, i'm so happy for you. wish i could say the same thing for myself. i'm happy, yes, but i can't say that i'm in love yet. in time, maybe... hehe.. =)

Anonymous said...

hi jassy!Ü
short but sweet. hope this is it for you. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. bless you jassy. you deserve to be happy..


pobs said...

wowiieee love is in the air..happy valentines na ba itu?! heheheh stay inLove and happy girl..

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