The truth is I am not ready to love again. You see, I have just got my past out of my system and I was just about to walk my own pace and enjoy my moments...but unexpectedly, a lost soul was thrown in front of me. There, I couldn't help but fall at how beautiful his soul is.

I wish loving him is easy...hoping that no one will get hurt. But his past is enough to break the hearts of those I loved my whole life.

Who says that after a heartbreak someone better will come along? I guess they are wrong. Is he wrong for me? Maybe. Is he better than my past? I don't know. But what about the love he truthfully gives me? What about the meaning of second chances? What about hope and the love of God? Will I be the one to show the people around me that love is powerful and it really moves in mysterious ways? Will love change him for the better? I wish I could say that. I wish our love is that strong. Knowing myself, I know that my loved ones can only do so much to stop me from loving and helping him...not unless he is the one who will stop me. Not unless he show me that he isn't worth fighting for. If our love is real then it could surpass any trial...it can make us better. If not, I'll be happy being alone and letting him be found by someone who can really make him a better person.

I am not an angel and I don't really want to be a saint. I just want to serve God. And if this is one way of serving Him then I want His will, not mine.

Am I happy? Yeah. Although that our future together seems impossible, I am just happy meeting him and loving him now.

His soul is beautiful. He is a beautiful person. I believe in him even if no one understands...


yen said...

is he wrong for u??? u said maybe... hhhmmm.. ikaw lang nkakaalam nian,,, but i hope watever decision u come up w/, its for the best,.., goodluck.

yayam said...

good luck in whatever path you take jassy. :D

tin said...

everything happens for a reason, just as everyone who comes into our lives does so for a purpose.

there are many forms of love. and a love between a boy and a girl doesn't always have to result in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.
you may still be a little vulnerable, like i am. so be careful. no need to rush things. help him in any way you can, but you don't necessarily have to commit yourself to him at once.

good luck jassy. =)

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