Practical Test

I'm sometimes taking everything seriously. And in taking everything seriously, I am forgetting how to have fun.

For the past few days, I was in the Holden Caulfield mode. I see people I love as people to save and protect, just like Holden trying to save his sister and to catch the children playing. In searching for answers to the many whys on my mind, I almost end up getting more hurt and more in trouble. Good thing, he saved me. It's funny because the guy that I am trying to save end up saving me instead.

Oh well, I don't want to think of the possible reasons why we have to meet now and why are we in this situation. I'm taking this as a practical test by God. He wants me to know if I can really show that I love myself in spite of someone else showing his love for me. As long as I know who I am and as long as I get a hold of myself and that God is the center of my life, then everything will be alright.

I am thanking God for this.


pobs said...

keep the faith jas..
when you love yourself, you'll get to love others more! and that my friend, will surely give you bliss!

stay happy! =)

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