No Turning Back

Once you've loved a person, you cannot unlove him. And that is what I am trying to accept right now. That once again, I have really fallen in love. But it does not mean that I have to go back to my old ways. I don't have to lose myself again. I can love him (because I can't really do anyhting about that) and I can love myself, too.

I can say that I do not need any man to be happy but God gave me the opportunity of loving someone again. I'm taking this as a blessing. And everyday, I'm reminding myself that this is not certain, that this can be taken away from me anytime. I don't own him and he doesn't own me. He has his own life to live and I have my own. But right now, our paths have crossed. This is the present. I don't have to worry about our future but I am not stupid enough to do stupid things that can ruin my dreams--that could ruin those I love. I'm trying to be a better me.

Everyday, I am loving myself more and more. I am not yet complete but I know God is the only one who can do that for me.


The heat of the sun touching my skin reminds me of summer. A few more weeks to go and it's SUMMER!!! I am looking forward to that!


It's amazing how at one point in our lives we've come to meet, same experiences, same thoughts but there will come a time when we have to part ways--to make our own decisions with our lives. We'll both grow. We'll cry. We'll laugh. Our destiny may be different, but I know in the end we'll always be happy.


tin said...

I wish i had the same courage to take that leap of faith. :)

I'm happy for you, sis. Your closeness with God has enabled you to see things in a totally different light. I wish you well. More smiles, alright? :)

yayam said...

cheer up jass..=) He will always be there for you..

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