I am no angel and if you want to ruin yourself because you're such a spoiled brat...go ahead! I love myself and no man is ever worthy to let myself be destroyed once again.

And to that someone who is happy when I'm sad, don't be...because I am not sad. I am happy. I am free. I am standing for my own principle.

February is supposed to be the love month right? What's your definition of love? I think my definition doesn't coincide wtih your definition. I am not willing to compromise.


CHINA said...

love is? hmm.. i need a date first! nice blog.

yayam said...

if i were to define love..it's being selfless..:) but for me, it's hard to REALLY define love because ive never been in love (as far as i know..). ive never been hurt, i dont wanna be hurt, yet i know someday i will be, by a person i will love more than myself..

cheer up. :D

tin said...

i agree with you. as they say, no man is worth your tears, and if he is, he won't make you cry in the first place.

oh well, that's life. feb's gonna be over soon. hang in there.

be happy always. :)

pobs said...

ganyan nga..stay happy! always! sis, kase un pics mo sa profile mo palitan mo ng nakasmile, pra tlgang happing happy ka tingnan diba?! hhehehe =)

aCey said...


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