I've been really busy. I'm still dealing with the issues. I don't really know what to do about them so I'm leaving them all to God. I believe and trust in God. But the good/best thing is I am learning to be happy, enjoying my moments of bliss despite everything that is happening to me. For the last 3 weeks, I...

  • went to the doctor to have the lumps in my breast checked. Result showed that I have cystic nodules. God is good because after having a second opinion from my workplace, there's no need for biopsy/surgery because the lumps are just normal my age because of hormonal changes.
  • nearly broke up with him and realized that I love him. He let me feel the fear that I've had with my past relationship so I'm taking precaution. Hopefully, my fears will subside soon.
  • lost my wallet inside the bus. Nadukutan ako because I was preoccupied with the bubble gum (the very sticky one) that the bad guys put on my uniform. People beware of this modus operandi. Wag nyo na pansinin ang bubble gum sa damit nyo kapag nasa bus kayo at nag-iisa. God is good because I was still able to go home kahit kala ko wala na akong pamasahe pauwing Lipa. The incident made me realize that my family really matters. I love them so much.
  • spent Feb 22 at home with my family because it was the 2nd death anniversary of my father. I miss my Dad. Whenever I am losing hope and hurting so much I just go to my comfortable thought of spending time again with my father at a corner in heaven, watching people go on with their lives, laughing and sharing stories. That's gonna be one of our bonding moments.

To everyone who has commented on my comment box...thank you all. Your views help me a lot. Rest assured I'll consider them all.

Let's all pray for all that is happening in our country.

I'll be back. See you in summer. Right after my exam. Please, please pray for me. I really need all your prayers.


yen said...

thanks god ur lump in ur breast is nothing serious.. just always take good of urself gurl..

im hoping too that ur fear of the past will soon subside, so u can finally love that guy w/o any doubts and fear in ur heart.

may bago na2man pa lang modus operandi ang mga mandurukot ngayon, theres no safe place on earth anymore kya doble ingat sis..

im sorry about ur dad, i didnt know he passed away 2 yrs ago. but im sure in times of distress, hes always wathing and guiding u, ur dad hasnt left u at all..

cheers my dear!!!

pobs said...

naku sis take extra care of yourself lalo na ngayon balita ko ang gulo daw sa pinas eh..

i guess your 'dad's watching over you, God sent him to be your angel to keep you safe wherever you go..=)

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