I gave myself time and I got most of the answers to my questions. I am now slowly understanding who I am and what I can give to the people I love. And I am mustering courage to face what I have to face. I love them all but I also love myself.

I can really feel the heat. Summer is here. Yes! I'm hoping, given the chance, to do these things:

  • learn how to drive
  • go to the gym and attend some dance-exercise
  • try to be girly
  • read 5 books
  • find a sideline/new career
  • fix my hair
  • go to the beach

They are all possible. Hopefully I get to do all of them.


yayam said...

i wanna learn how to drive, too. and drive my own car. but that one isn't possible til im 18. haha. ;)

this summer, im gonna make the most out of it and im gonna make sure this summer is gonna be the best summer evah! :D

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