I used to believe that I have my home music and my borrowed music. I tried to list my home music and my borrowed music. But after some time, I've realized that the music I'm listening to is just categorized as one--home music. There is no borrowed music. Because songs that you can relate to are your home music.

Anyway, I've said goodbye to summer and beaches. Why? Because I'm always busy running errands and worrying about the people I love. But I'm not blaming them...this is my choice. And I'm quite happy despite my situation.

I have a new favorite tv series--Grey's Anatomy. It is my frustration to be a doctor. But my family could not afford it. Anyway, the world is sometimes kind enough to give me what I want and so series like Grey's Anatomy is created.

I am not used to being idle. My body will always look for something to do--TOXIC is the constant state of my life. And I love it.


Debbie said...

hello jassy! mukhang maganda nga yang grey's anatomy...very intersting...kaso hindi ko gaanong napapanood...

anyway..take care!

yen said...

nirecommend n nga skn yang grey's pro dko pa nahi2ram kay ate malaine mga download nia.. wala p kc sa cable d2..

Anonymous said...

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