I had a long but fun-filled Saturday with Mon. With my beat-up shoes, I took in all the moments I could. For everyday is a learning experience.

I am not a morning person but sometimes when I'm excited over something and I want to get it done with, I could push myself up early in the morning. I met with him, had breakfast and we went to the mall. I don't know why but I was just happy that day. Maybe, it was because I was able to buy my very own extension cord. The signs of independence slowly taking place. Hehe... And it made me look forward to other things.

I also got to read the blog of my friend in college Joan. She gave birth to a baby girl. Her story made me laugh. Joan is still a fun girl and I adore her because she looks at the world comically. Pati panganganak niya full of bloopers. She's in Japan kase and she doesn't know how to speak Japanese/Nihonggo fluently. And so her husband served as her translator. For the full story read here.

And that made me think of how to look at life. Take Orange County for example. There was the movie and the tv series. The movie was the comic way of looking at it and the series is the tragic way. Which one do you like best? I'd choose the movie.

Anyway, I had a fun time with Mon the whole day. It was my first time to be at Manila Bay Baywalk with someone special and it was my first time to really watch the sunset. Yes, it was beautiful. I used to think that the world rotates slowly, but looking at the sunset, I can say that the world moves fast. That time is really fast.

After the sun has set and after looking and watching people getting there together for a picnic and for some good live music, we went to the mall. I enjoyed the dinner. And then on our way out, I saw books on sale. I bought some and that made my day. And though I still never got to read them, it is always nice to buy books.

Moving on to the next day...yesterday I have really proven that I cannot keep my mouth shut when I feel strongly about something. As much as possible I will tell the world why and what I'm feeling and thinking about it.

I am so looking forward to moving on.


nao said...

naintriga naman ako sa last paragraph (details pls!).. hehe!

may you have a super week sis!

yayam said...

di ko pa nakikita ang pagset ng sun sa baywalk..haay..*sigh* id also choose the comical way than the tragic way. i like to laugh. in fact, i like a guy who always makes me laugh. *connect?!? heheheh:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Jassy,
I love love love sunsets and sundowns. Sunrise is also okay, but it's so hard to get up early. Hehe. Enjoyed reading your entry.

Happy Wednesday,

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