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After the door to knowlege has been opened in my mind, I have a curious mind. And I want to thank my father for supplying me with answers. My father and I are not geniuses. We are both average. But he is wise enough to buy us the My Bible Friends set of books and that Multiplex set. And I am wise enough to appreciate them. My Bible Friends help me to read and get closer to God. And those Muliplex tapes open my mind to music. So I guess, parents should give their offsprings with resources to hone their skills. It's just my suggestion. And I bet it will work wonders.

Other suggestions:

  • Praise or give compliments to the achievements of your offspring.
  • Supply them with proper nutrition. Healthy body and healty mind.

Busy. I've been busy for the past two days because of errands. Last Monday, I have my blood checked for hepatitis B and fortunately I'm still negative but I have to be vaccinated so I can have my protection especially since I'm working at the hospital. So last night, I asked my nursing student friend to give me a shot. Intramuscular. And it was heavy so my arm still hurts as of today.

Because of what happened, I realize this: That they may hate me for my looks and me being silent but I am one resourceful person. Charmless but resourcefdul...how do I do that--I don't know. It's just a matter of accept what I can't change, move on, and change what I can. Pride is being eliminated. How is my vaccination connected to my resourcefulness...well, instead of going to the clinic to have my shot, I asked my friend instead to do it for me. Less expensive.

At work, my superiors do not like me. God, help me.

But everyone else (not really but most of them...) can give me a smile. And I give them a smile in return.

I also went home and I brought Mon with me. Together, we went to his friends to help out. Kuya Joel was shot by some hired men at his house in Sto. Toribio. I went there with Mon riding a jeepney. It was fun. I miss the long travel riding in a jeepney. The dust and the wind. The smell of nature in all its glory and gory.

After that, we rode with Ate Beth and Kuya Jessie and on our way to the city proper, their car stopped because of overheat. Coincidentally, it stopped in front of a halo-halo store in our street. And so while waiting for the car's temp to go down, we tried to make our body temperature go down by eating hal-halo. The halo-halo was yummy.

We passed by LCC and we saw the poster there of my cousin/niece Kristel. I'm proud of her.

Then we went back to our store and got our things and we went home. My brother, Mon, and I watched Just Friends. It was a funny movie.

That night, I finished watching Tristan and Isolde. It was a very good movie. Different from the usual. I say, it's tragic but beautiful anyway.

The next morning, I had to prepare going back in Manila. Together with Mon, we rode the bus. I slept in the bus because I lacked sleep from finishing Tristan and Isolde. Then Mon and I got to talk...about my fickle-mindedness.

He said that the people we encounter don't know where to go or pass by because they are confused where to pass. And that's my fault because I tend to "swerve". He thought it was the people who pass by in front of us that have a problem, but that happens all the time and so he concludes that it is my fault. Ouch! But true!


yayam said...

hello jassy! hinayhinay lang dear..God will always help you with your problems. cheer up:D gusto ko rin makita tristan and isolde..at just friends..huhuh..:p

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