The Pier

manila sunset Looking beyond I see you
And wondered what's out there?
The oils.
The ships.
The cargo.
The water.
The sirens.

Don't you know that I am ready?
Ready for the drama.
Ready to act my part.
Right there where bittersweet is the right term.
Poverty mixed with tears.
Victory and trials.
In all its glory,
Hope is definitely caught.


The best use of life is love.

This is what I have read in one of the chapters of the Purpose-Driven Life. At first, I never really thought about this because at the time that I have read that section, I don't have any problems with my relationships with the people around me.

And then he came along. And my world was turned upside down.

He is not what I want. But as days go by, he is showing himself as the guy that I need.

It's a good thing that I've read that section of the book. The best use of life is love. And that makes perfect sense.


And tomorrow...

Antipolo Here I Come!!!


fjl said...

Lovely post, I have added you to blogroll.

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