May 1:

I went to Antipolo church with my relatives. It was extra special this time because it was the first time that all of us attended the mass together. We used to go separate ways after reaching Antipolo. Some would buy kasoy, suman, and stuff right after reaching the place, while others hit the church right away. This time, all of us went inside the church together.

However, there was also an air of sadness. Because Aunt Lagreng passed away already. She lived in Marikina, and it has been a tradition that right after going to Antipolo church, we would go directly at their house for a get together and to visit them. It was our first time there that she wasn't around.

Arriving at Marikina, I ate right away because I was starving. Then after that, I talked with my cousins for a while. Then I slept. I was just sleepy. And I couldn't explain the loneliness inside of me. That I just chose to sleep rather than dwell on it.

Last year, our general topic there at Marikina was my cousin/niece Kristel. It was such an issue that there were cryings and discussions. Everyone in our clan had a say about it.

This year, the general topics were changing boyfriends, insurance, lands, and vacation plans.

We left Marikina at 430pm. I didn't go back to Lipa with them. Instead, I headed to Araneta Center in Cubao to meet up with Mon, Lester, and Ate Diane to watch the Bad Boys Tour 2006. They played against Team Pilipinas.

The game was awesome. Although I just think that the NBA people didn't give their best. Well, it was a friendly game. It was for fun and entertainment. The PBA rockstar dancers or something like that caught my eye. I wanted to dance like them. I wanted to be with them. Hehe...

The message for May 1 told by the priest during the homily was that we shouldn't waste our talents. Wasting them is a sin. Idleness and laziness is a sin.

Congratulate me, too because it was my first time to attend one whole mass after some months. I am really happy.

May 2:

I couldn't explain again the feeling, but pangs of homesickness bit me. And so I headed home at 5 in the afternoon, arriving home at 7pm. I just felt like my vacation wasn't complete and I should end it. Closure. And so I went home again.

May 3:

Biron and I were welcomed with the barkings of the dogs in our compound as we were trying to get outside for me to go back to Manila at 4 in the morning. I panicked. But I tried my best not to run.

Anyway, a friend sent me this message:

When you love, never stick only to what your heart feels. Sometimes
using your brain is a necessity. Never use your eyes to cry for the person
who fooled you. Instead, use it to search for the right one.

Don't be scared of breaking up, keeping a relationship with a selfish
partner is scarier.

Love the one who will fight for you and bravely face each and every
consequences. Love the one who will accept you and love you more despite
the great mistakes you did. Love the one who would hold on. some one
who would never let the feelings be gone. Love is a gift and not an

I came across this from a book. And it said that if we want to be always close to God, we should ask for Mama Mary's help. We should pray the rosary. Just like John. Notice that he was the only one who never left Jesus. He was so afraid that time that he wanted to hide just like everyone else, but Mary held on to him. And so he wasn't able to hide. Mama Mary is one of the ways to stay close to God.
Heard this from one of the episodes of Maalaala Mo Kaya:
Di bale ng sira ang ulo, wag lang sira ang puso.
That is one great wisdom. I know one person who follows that. It is better to be insane, than not knowing love at all.


pobs said...

oh how i miss visiting relatives in pinas, just like what you did..hope i can do that again soon..

stay happy!

yayam said...

i like the last quote..it's much harder to get over a pain in your heart.:)

fjl said...

Lovely, lovely post. I also liked the last quote very much.

I often learn while I'm travelling, too.

Now I am a research traveller...!

I'm glad the guy caught your eye, maybe a good sign xx

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