He is someone whose life ended before he shines his brightest. She is someone whose life just started.


He is someone who has survived a major trial in his life. And after people gave up on him, here she comes, a survivor in her own right. Together, they should and could bring out the best in each other.

Happy ending is their option and their decision.

Be brave enough to look love in the eye and admit that it is indeed in front of you. Waiting. Knocking. Let it in. Be embraced by its magic. Be brave enough to be happy.

Meet K. A very beautiful lady I've known from my past. She has been through a lot, with her family and her loved ones. A product of a broken family. Recently, I've heard that she became pregnant and lost her baby accidentally. But still she keeps on sailing. Knowing her, although she isn't aware of it, bring inspiration in my tired soul. I really am inspired with her life. She is beautiful inside and out.

Youths know what is right from wrong. Well, almost all of us. Our parents are able to raise us well. They should take credit for that. But sometimes, we make mistakes. Although we know what is rught. Although we know what is wrong. But in the end, with guidance and support, we will always be able to stand up, dust ourselves off, learn form the mistakes, become better, and move on. Youths are not clueless. We're just open to what life has to offer us.


One sad news. I have always mentioned here about my plans in going abroad, particularly Australia. The result came out yesterday and I failed the exam. I am not keeping it a secret that I've loaned money for that. And after that result, well...I have to pay it bit by bit. And honestly, I don't know what to do next.

God took from me my dream. This serves as a reminder that my dreams shouldn't be my center. God should be the center. I trust God on this one. That He has a good reason for my failure. He alone should be my center and my first. God, I am all yours. Use me for your purpose.

I am not mad at the world. I am even afraid of it. However, I am battling with envy. I envy my friends who are all now outside the country becoming successful and richer. They can help not only their family, but also their relatives, and other people around them.

Service. That's my main goal in life. I want to serve God and I can do that by serving others. My resources are not really plenty but I make the most out of it. I know that there are plenty of ways to serve others. And service I have started a long time ago.

Service with joy. With all that I have.

God I am all yours. Use me for your purpose. Let your will be done and not mine.


yayam said...

hello jassy! God will take care of this one. because you trust Him so much.:)

Lica said...

Maybe God has other plans for you. Darating din yan, I know because you're a good person and you deserve to be happy in this life. :)

:cheenee: said...

i agree with yayam... if you trust Him, He will give you a good life. :) i love God. :)

nao said...

Australian exams? what exams were they?
anyway, don't loose hope sis. There's always a light at the end of every tunnel. Try mo kaya pa Canada

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