Let's Talk About the Weather

"How do you find the weather?"

That's the very odd question asked by my interviewer while we were having the Speaking IELTS exam almost a year ago. Truthfully, I don't know what to answer him. And so I went on and on, blabbing just to fill those minutes meant for speaking.

And this morning on my way south, I looked out into the bay and thought about the weather. A few days ago, the weather was hot like taking a bath more than once is the only answer, that wishing I were on a beach is heaven. But now, the weather has changed its mind. Forcing me to wear a cardigan because it's so cold. And keeping me from wearing khakhi colored pants because it's wet all around.

With the weather you'll never know. This changes in weather made me interested in how storms/ typhoons are formed. Do you have any idea? Oh well, walking the wet streets of Manila made me wish of walking the streets of Makati instead. Makati on a rainy day is clean as compared to Manila streets...leprosy is constant on my mind.

But I'm kinda grateful that it's just water and not snow or sand on my path. I'm not sourgraping or anything. The truth is, I've shifted my dreams on US of A, instead of the land down under or the dessert in the middle east. But that dream is so far fetched. Inch by inch, maybe I'll get there. I'll never really know.

My co-workers were telling me about the openings in other countries. And it made me realize that I'm not ready to leave this country yet. Leaving in the sense that I'll have no one around me. That I'll be there all alone. Australia and Dubai were easy to swallow because I have friends and relatives there. But aside from that...I don't know.

Oh by the way, I've started a small business with my family and Raymond. I named it DELING'S DELIGHTS. Named after my Mom who is behind that deliciously mouth-watering burong mangga.

Speaking of, it's Mother's Day today and instead of spending it with my Mom, I spent it with Mon because I still have a duty tonight. We went to ATC. And we found shoes on sale. I was glad that I've done buying that shoes. Next on the line is a heavy duty sandals.

Bags. I love to buy one now but I have to follow my budget.

Am I being materialistic? I hope not.

Seek and you shall find. Ask and you will be answered. I'm asking and praying and hoping to find a job at that place with the salary and compensations that I want. That prayer is attainable. I really hope it will come true.

Anyway, to all the Moms out there HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

And to my Mom, bukas na lang ako babawi kapag nasa bahay na ako. I love you.


fjl said...

Thankyou and a happy day to you too sweets x

yayam said...

hello jassy!

living alone is scary. im still 15. and yet my family isnt with me. but thank God for cellphones, they can always text me.:)

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