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Life is constantly changing. And I find myself getting the hang of a situation I never thought I could deal with. Does it mean I'm really maturing?

To admit once weakness and accept it is really an achievement.

Last night I watched Raymond's basketball game. Mark Herras was there. A lot of people watched the game but left when MH left. Anyway, I've finally seen how Raymond play.

He is good. Although I can really sense that he should change now, he really enjoys playing. He is passionate about basketball. And so I am willing to support him. As long as he's happy then it's good.

I have a new way of looking at things now. Although when you're hurt it still is painful. But my reaction and my view is different now. I am amazed sometimes.

Live and let live. I'm leaving it all to God.


tin said...

Trials and problems can only make us stronger...and wiser. It tests our character in more ways and one and gives us opportunities to grow.

So simply embrace what life gives you, whether good or bad. Yup, acceptance is crucial. Just keep the faith and in the end you'd only find yourself more complete and whole than ever.

good luck in everything that you do. God bless, jassy! :)

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