Dirty Dozen

Yesterday was the end of the two-day seminar/workshop that I attended. I'm really grateful for the privilege. I know that I will do something to make me a better server.

There is really room for improvement.

There were four groups at the seminar. The pharmacists also known as the Rainbow group (hehe...corny...pag-asa raw...sorry) the nurses as Bukang Liwayway, the participants were composed of head nurses so it's up to you to think about their ages...hehe...the social workers as the Butandings (Masaya kase Sama-Sama) so meaningful...I like... and the dieticians as the dine-a-might group. Galing umisip! I'm really glad to have met these people from the seminar. Promised myself that I won't be mistreating any of the customers be it the employees or the patients. I'll be good from now on.

After the seminar, it somehow made me depressed yet hopeful upon knowing how our patients have been struggling to get a room/bed in our place. The processes they have to go through are just so toxic! There are a lot that we can do to improve the system. All doctors, pharmacists, and nurses should know and attend the seminar workshop so they will be aware of the hardships that the patients are going through.

I think the only key not to get impatient or angry with difficult customers is to not take it personally. It's just work and we're working in an angry/problematic place where most customers are sick. It's just natural that they are not in a good mood. And we as employees/service provider can lighten up so as to share some rays of hope to these people.

When it comes to work, di bale ng mahirapan ako, wag lang magkasakit ako at ang mga mahal ko sa buhay.

Last night I went home. Raymond fetched me at the bus stop. That was so sweet of him. I was grateful and giddy.

I also talked with my Mom and she told me about my uncle who was threatening her. I was really angry upon hearing the story. That man did a lot of trouble to my family. May karma hit him now. He really deserves all the bad karma of this world.

Life is a cycle. And everything we do will affect others. And if we do something wrong, consequences have to be faced. Others may be hurt in the process and it's not their fault but life will always be a cycle. And in the end, the one responsible for that action will have to face what he has done. So whatever you have to do, know the consequences and make sure that you can go through with it. Because everything either good or bad that we do will always come back to us. Because everyone and everything in this world is connected.

And I think that it's just logical. The world may not be a perfect sphere but it is still round. Round. Cycle. Circle. Connected. No beginning and no end.


Debbie said...

it really is very difficult dealing with people....iba iba kasi ugali and moods..sometimes it really wears out your patience. its hard to smile and be cheerful kung kulit na kulit ka na sa customer... ganon na nga lang..just don't take it personally...

goodluck in everything jassy..thanks for stopping by my site....

take care

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