I'm letting myself feel the breeze and smelling the salty beach air since my place s very near Manila Bay. I just love summer.

I decided to keep in touch with my frineds because I was on unlimitxt. I thought of sending them forwarded messages, but knowing that that wouldn't generate any response, I thought of sending them somehting unique--a simple:

Musta na? Ano na bago?

And guess what?! People responded. Some were even surprised because they were just used to receiving forwarded meassages but not the personal message I sent them. Their responses made me feel good.

It always feels good hearing/reading from friends.

April is fast approaching. And so is the outing. However, I am kinda broke and so I am having a dilemna. As much as possible I don't want to burden others so I don't know if I should go with the outing. But I already promised my superiors that I would go. Well, I don't know. I'm leaving it all to destiny.

Maturity. I'm learning that for a few weeks now. Maturity is thinking and putting others first before yourself without really harming yourself. And surprisingly and it's just timely that my boss let me attend a two-day seminar from my workplace. The seminar is about excellent customer service. And I am learning a lot from that seminar. I am really thankful and blessed. It's the right time now to attend that. Because I'm upgrading myself when it comes to serving people. And from the seminar I can say that I am one BIG ROUGH EDGE. Everything about my service needs to be polished. I could be mean and bitchy especially when I'm tired. And so I have to work on that and foe the past few days I can say that I'm toning down. I'm becoming more positive despite everything that happens.

It's time to reflect and improve. I am really thankful. The seminar also made me want to get and MBA. I have to learn more on management because sooner or later I would manage a lot of things. I want to give my best.

I was happy also a while ago during the seminar because I got to act although my role is not really different (as a pharmacist), I still felt good acting.

Tomorrow I will go home. I miss my family. I miss him.


pobs said...

its really great to receive a message from someone you don't expect and more on...the least moment you think someone will ask you, what's up?!

nice of you naman..

tin said...

i'm so thankful for unlimitxt. at least, alang rason not to keep in touch. :)

i bet ud find the means to join your outing, and you really should, minsan lang sa isang taon ang summer. make the most out of it. :)

Lica said...

I also appreciate personal messages more nowadays. Since unlimited txt started, my inbox has been bombarded with dozens of forwarded messages each day. You should join your outing, after all, you deserve a break from all the stresses you've gonethrough this past few months...good luck!

Anonymous said...

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