The Carousel

turtleA few years ago, I've come across a book written by Richard Paul Evans. The title is The Carousel. I would have bought it that time but the book was quite expensive. And so I just looked at the book, reading the covers but never got to opening it. Something about it made me want to read it but I contented myself with the thought that it was expensive and I shouldn't buy it.

And then a few days ago, something told me to look for magazine or anything to read. I'm into Chalk Magazine right now and I'm always looking forward to buying a copy of it although the magazine is getting more expensive. And so I went to Book Sale and looked at the magazines. But there wasn't a new copy. But I was craving to read and I decided to go inside to look for books. I wanted to read as much as I can because for the past years I've deprived myself of that luxury because I was focusing on my exam. But since I am through with the exam, I have the time to read now. Anyway, I discovered a copy of the Carousel and the price was half of the original and so I bought it. True to my expectation, the book is really speaking to me. I can really relate to the book. No relationship is an island. It also encompasses the people around you. I can identify with the characters in the book. And I know I am getting good thoughts, realizations, and lessons from the book.

That experience made me believe that there is a reason for everything. And if you're meant to meet or to know something even if you never get to know or do that the first time you encounter it, if it's meant to be, time will come when you'll get to do or to know it. Reading The Carousel that few years ago was not yet the right time for me to understand what it says, my situation then was different. But now, I think now is the right time.

I now have another favorite author--Richard Paul Evans.


Homer said...

yeah richard paul evans is a cool author. he speaks like he's talking to you... not like a technical professor teaching you how to go about with relationships. afterall, there's no school for that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jassy,
Thanks so much for sharing that one. I think imma get myself a copy. I need stuff for my brain. I think I've had too much marketing and advertising stuff. I need something different. Anyways, I super hope you are enjoying the sunny weekend.


yen said...

naintriga naman ako sa book n yan, ill try to check it ou tin the bookstore this weekend, i am sooo wanting to read a good book kasi wala na kong mabasa.. im still trying to locate my copy of the purpose driven life which has been missing for almost a yr now hehe..

tin said...

hmmm, this book sounds interesting. i'm gonna look for a copy when i get the chance.

yup, there is a reason for everything...

and i quote one forwarded message to me:

"Sometimes God gives us an orange when we asked for an apple because He knows that the season won't give us the sweetest one. Everything is beautiful in His own time!"

Anonymous said...

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