Trials and crosses are the weights that give us direction. They give us a mission, they cut the way to show our paths.

I've been facing trials since the beginning of the year and they are becoming heavier and heavier. It's like everything that happens is the practical exam of what I know about the purpose of life. And with all the predicaments I'm in, here are the lessons I've gained:

  1. Keep your feet planted on the ground.
  2. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, what matters is how well or pure or sincere or good our intentions and actions are. The heart and mind matters. Not the richness of this world but the richness of heaven.
  3. As I grow spiritually, I'm finding out that not everything I've wanted will be given to me. And that the purpose that God lets me serve is sometimes totally against my dreams/wants.
  4. It is always advisable to be equipped with God's Word. So going to the mass every Sunday is a must, and if you go to the mass everyday and listen to the Homily, then you're spirit will be healthy. This I still have to do.
  5. What's the point of money if the soul is rotten?
  6. Despite my trials, I'm still blessed with so many graces. And I can still feel God's love. Very much. And I guess, God is giving me the gift of understanding but I'm not really taking it well.
  7. Love is the least of my problems now. It is rather a weapon against the madness of this world.
  8. Trials are good because they will give you reason to be happy and thankful for the bright roads ahead.

Enough of that, ever heard of the Gospel of Judas (Iscariot)? Well, according to that Gospel, Jesus commanded Judas to betray him. I don't really believe that because if Judas only followed Jesus' order, then Judas wouldn't have committed suicide. But because of guilt, that comes from within him, he killed himself for betraying Jesus.


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