Summer and College

Yesterday, on my way to finding a decent restroom, I stopped by the College of Arts and Sciences in UP Manila. And it brought back memories. Memories of spending some years there. I miss college and spending my summer there.

Back in college, my summers were spent either knowing the result of some chemical reactions and identifying some chemicals with the color/odor of the results. Or knowing the anatomy of the frogs and spending time walking the mangrove of Puerto Galera, careful not to be bitten by snakes and sucked by leeches. Or relearning statistics. I used to complain about the lack of time to do what I really want then, but now...I just miss doing all that. Being in Manila on summer is always bittersweet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jassy,
I feel for you.. I mean, I miss the days when I was still in school. I didnt have much to worry about. I had time to rest and all. But now. Hehe. Well I guess that's life.. the life of a grown-up.Ü Here's to life and to all of us who miss the life of a student.Ü

Happy Tuesday,

yayam said...

that's why i never want to grow up, live on my own someday..but i have to sooner or later. :)

tin said...

that's what i also miss about being student. hay. spending summers just bumming around.

yen said...

everytime i look at my yearbook, it's all coming back, college days, gimik nyts, out of town trips and a whole lot more.. it is really true that once u start earning a living thats when u start missing school.. funny, when we were students we always dread those examinations and thesis nights.. haaay..

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