Holy Week and More

Another Holy Week has passed and for the second time I spent it at work. No mass attended. It sucked and it really hurt my soul but then again God has a way of making me feel His presence.

On Good Friday I was walking so fast just so i wouldn't miss the start of a mass at my workplace chapel but to my disappointment, there was no mass. Coincidentally, on my way there, I passed by the Aglipayan Church in front of my workplace. And since there was no mass or program in our chapel, I decided to go to that Aglipayan church and listen to the Seven Last Words Reflections.

Their church was okay. Spacious. And "hi-tech" with the projector and lap top. The movie Passion of the Christ was being shown to point out the Seven Last Words spoken by Jesus. Their presentation was good although I never got to finish it because I had to work.

Anyway, I got to have my reflection on how to deal with life. See, I was having some bad time at work because I was not a candidate for regularization. I still am a contractual worker. It hurts to think that my colleagues are going to be permanent in my workplace except for me. But everything happens for a reason. And I know for a fact that I have done well with work. I have given my best. But still, my superiors do not appreciate it. It makes me reflect. And with the help of books, friends' advice, the Seven Last Words, love for my family and friends, it's sensible to forgive those who have hurt me. To forgive my superiors for failing to give me what I deserve. I deserve more. But anyway, when we cannot change a thing, we should try to accept it and move on. Forgiveness. That I am finding in my heart. Moving on. I've changed my outlook. Now, it does not matter if I will get a VS or whatever, as long as I receive one "thank you" from my customers then I can say that I have done my job well--that I have done my best. And the more thank yous, the more it will make me happy. I don't care anymore about the performance rating because I have proven that it is not accurate and it is not true. The more thank yous, the better.

I am also reading the Mars and Venus on dating. The book points out a lot of things but I don't care because it is not true for me. There are other things on my mind right now. I don't want to think about my love life for now.

It's Easter Sunday and I am happy. Happy that Jesus resurrected for the fulfillment of everything He ever promised us. We are saved.

I just hope I will be in heaven someday.


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