The Ball in Us

My sister, Raymond, and I have something in common. We all love ball games. Mine and my sis is softball and Raymond's is basketball. The last time I went home, we all played softball. We weren't allowed to hit our strongest though because windows might be broken.

I'm looking forward to playing it again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jassy,
I love ballgames too!Ü You have a great weekend dear.


yayam said...

me too!! soccer and basketball in particular! ive always wanted to learn softball..kasi palagi kaming talo sa intrams. haha.:p

fjl said...

My Dad's name. Once a great shot but a long time ago :-)

pobs said...

softball?? cool...i don't have idea though how the game goes! heheh

yen said...

jologs ako sa mga ganyang game.. takot kc ako sa bola.. taga nood lang ako lagi.. the last time i played volleyball was during our trip to the beach pero most of the time umiiwas ako sa bola kya pinagpawisan lang ako kakapulot haha.

nao said...

ibang ball game alam ko (hehe!) yung bang ..... (hehe!) Anyway ganda, may assignment ka sakin. I'm tagging you pls do it. Dahil ang hindi gagawa eh tutubuan ng pigsa ang tonsil bwahaha!!! Andito yung TAG ko for you: KALUSKOS

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