What's up?! Everyone! It's been a while because I have been busy with work. I tried to finish my report for the journal club but then my partner told me that we were to report next week. So here I am, enjoying the week. Saka na muna ang report.

Nothing much really happened. But I have interesting conversations with people. We talked about the Beatles and Nora Aunor. Know why nothing beats their popularity? Because people of this generation are loaded with information that their attention span is so short nothing stays to be that popular.

I've been tagged by Naomi:


  1. Blogging. It's fun to analyze what's happening in my life and having a look at other's lives. And I really respect those who are not afraid to share their thoughts.
  2. Walking. And reflecting. Be it in the dirty streets of Recto or the clean polished streets of Makati, even in Lipa...I just like walking.
  3. Going to Carmel in Lipa. It helps unburden my soul.
  4. Music. I love music.
  5. Watching tv. I am learning a lot just by watching tv.
  6. Softball. Although I seldom play, I just love the game.
  7. Talking with my family and relatives. Catching up on each others' lives
  8. Watching movies. Movie buff ako
  9. Reading pocketbooks.
  10. Saying I love you to someone.

I am tagging everyone. It's always a great idea to count our blessings.


I've changed my number. And I deleted some contacts that I do not want to contact anymore. To completely move on and rid of my life of the marks my past left behind. It still hurts sometimes. It's surprising to know that I have survived that pain. And it's clear that I never want to feel that pain again. Not anymore. I won't allow that ever again.

I am starting a new life.


nao said...

Thanks for doing the meme sistah, appreciate. BTW, good thing you deleted the number coz hanging on to sweet mementos only perpetuates your need to hang on to the past. Don't suffer from the burns, that's right.. move on girl and smile (ganda!)

yayam said...

wow. new life, new love.:) that's nice jassy.:) btw, pacopy sa tag ha? heheh.:)

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