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Once, I've dreamed of sailing out into the sea--to breath a new air, to see what lies on the other side.

Happiness is not the goal but the pursuit of knowledge. My mind seeks answers to the never-ending questions forming in my head.

The wisdom of life once told me that missions should be simple. I obeyed. Thinking that to accomplish that mission is to go out of my place. But the truth lies beneath.

What's the use of going out when I have been accomplishing my mission right here, right now. What's so bad about this existence? It's their dissatisfaction and materialistic view on life that is pushing me down--to dream something not for me. And materialism is eating me.

It's the pursuit of knowledge that is raging within me. It's the fact that my way of becoming my best hit another failure and it seems that I've run out of options.

For the past few weeks, I've been thinking of ways to change the course of my life--to stir the wheel of my destiny to the best direction. It hurts me because I cannot seem to control my life. although I want to escape, facing my life is better.

For weeks, without noticing, I'm fortifying friendships with people. Some people, I now can really open up to freely. No more malice or apprehensions. Hopefully, 2 weeks from now, our first official bonding will push through.

I've changed the layout of this blog. The dust of the past should be swept off and thrown away.

Stresstabs is a new friend of mine. I'm trying to tolerate the 600mg of iron in my body. I wanted to end my anemic point of view and an end to my anemic body. Hehe...

Next month, I'll try to introduce Vit E and Calci-aid to my body.

Summer has long been over for me. Disappointingly, I've never had the time to go to the beach. For the first time, my summer has been stormy.

But I'm looking forward to the holidays. My holidays had always been cold. Hopefully, it's gonna be warm this year.

And before I end this, I want to greet my prettiest sister a HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!


aCey said...

hi, jas! nice layout! clean and still girly. btw, happy birthday to your sis!

yayam said...

hello jassy! :D nice layout!!! :) and happy birthday to your sis! :) and vit E is goooooooood.:p

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