Lovely Day

Despite waking up early in the morning (not my usual waking time), I have a lovely day.

I have just been a witness to the civil wedding of my friends. Both of them are my friends so I'm really happy to see them get married. All is well that ends well. Love is really magical. Who would have thought that they'll really meet and end up together. They've been through odds and they've conquered them. In the end, their love wins. I'm really happy for both of them.

I also am blessed to hear and listen what the pastor told us about marriage. I am a Catholic but I'm open to teachings from other religions. I wish priests are that easy to approach. Here are some of the lessons I've got:

  • Humans are the only creature allowed by God to copulate facing each other. Observe the animals, when they copulate, they are always back to back or the one is turned on its back. Humans are made to make love with each other face to face because it means that they are one. When humans make love, they are made one. So it goes to say that making love is for married couples only.
  • Parents should give their offsprings financial assistance. This assistance is for their offspring to start their own family.
  • Parents should be respected. And obeyed. People who obey their parents never go astray. During the old times, people have a grand rituals before, during, and after marriage. There are the bethrotals, dowry, and kasunduan. And look what happened to the couples then, less divorce, no battered husband or wife. It is always important to have the blessings of the parents. If the parents bless you, then rest assured that you'll also be blessed by God.
  • The cake at wedding signifies equal distribution of wealth to the future offsprings of the married couple.
  • Men came from dust, women came from a bone. Hehe...
  • Seriously, women should show their love for their husbands by submission to their husbands. Husbands should be the head of the family, never look down or step down on their wives, and they should love and care for their wives. That is why, women are taken from the ribs of the man, near the heart.
  • Candles should be lighted from the main candle in the church. This signifies Christ as the source and center of their married life.
  • Veil signifies submission of wives and being the head for husbands.
  • Cord is for uniting them...making them one.
  • Dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, setting it free.

Good thing I listened and attended today. I am grateful and the food is superb.

This also makes me think of my future. Will I ever get married? Lots of people say that Mon is the one for me. But I can't really say and I'm not planning anymore because I don't want to get disappointed and it seems impossible. But I don't know.

I am glad people at work liked the corn maja my Mom made. I just love my mother's cookings. I'm also delighted because a lot of them also craved for Mom's burong mangga.


fjl said...

Lovely insight into your culture and life as usual.

As for being taken out of the ribs of man, few men see it that way. You'd more likely think we were extracted from a disposable toenail. But some do, big time. Men are 'all or nothing'- and simple minded. :-)

Debbie said...

marriage is truly a sacred thing and should be given respect because it is the unity of 2 lives made by God.

of course you'll get married...just pray for the right guy and He'll give him to you on the right time..

take care jassy...thanks for visiting...

yayam said...

hello jassy!:)

yep, marriage is supposedly a sacred thing. but people nowadays dont really care about that. how sad. ive always been told that sex is intended only for married couples.

have a happy week! :D

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