The day before...

I can feel it inside. I am slowly becoming ready to be someone I want to be. Everything I've worked hard for will finally be worth it.

Happiness...but first...

Today I spent time with myself. It's been months since I last rode in the MRT. Today I went inside the same old MRT. My first stop is GateWay Mall. I'vealways wanted to go there, see what's inside but I never got to do that because I am always busy with work. The place is okay but I don't know. It's still a mall. But the restaurants, I think, are great. Pang-gimmick-an talaga. Went inside Fully Booked. Hay, I wanted to buy notebooks, books, magazines! Went inside Trod...I want shoes! I want shoes! I want shoes!

Then I went to SM Mega Mall. Taong MegaMall ako before. Because my workplace is near the mall. I miss it. I stopped by the Art Center. As always, I appreciate the painting/exhibit. This week Makati Arts Guild is exhibiting their works. Nice.

I would have gone to Glorietta, but I'm already tired so I guess, I would have to go back to my rented space and just read a book.

I am happy. I really can feel that I am slowly realizing/discovering what I want to do with my life. And it has something to do with a lot of things. I'm still making up my mind. Everything will make sense at last.

I realized that there are lots of showrooms along EDSA Ortigas-Santolan. Ford, Hyundai, PGA Cars are there. How I wish I were that rich so I can go in all the showrooms and actually buy cars. I love cars.

I'm broke but at least I am happy.


fjl said...

It is always worthwhile working on oursleves.

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