Stepping into adulthood...

Stop acting like a child...you're not a child anymore...

Two people said that to me. Still bombarded from last two days and not able to vent it out, I know I'd explode the next time I heard someone say that to me.

I know I am not a child anymore. I'm obviously working and trying hard to be independent. But I guess there are people (I can think of one) who would do anything just to put me down. Well, they can take away my "future", but I am someone who take with me the lessons learned. It will only make me stronger.

I go outside. Watch people as we pass each other on our journeys. I try to see if I am really not worth it. I look in their eyes. And so far, so good. They've been kind. I can see that for them I'm not just a nuisance. That I am an equal worthy of their respect. That I can be their friend. That they can depend on me.

When I can rest in the fact that I can't please everybody, it's still a fact also that the one person not pleased with me is that person that holds my future. But I've thought about it. I know what to do when that happens. Expect the worst and hope for the best. I will still emerge as the winner.


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