How Strong Are You

Tomorrow is the start of my battle. Can I make it? I'm afraid yet I really want to face it. Let it be over. I'm already tired just thinking about it.

Last night was spent watching Hilary Duff's movies. She's cute but I like Lindsay Lohan better.

I'm thinking of ways to discover what I really want to do with my life. Is it right that to really love others is to know yourself well. I have to know myself well. It's unfair if I won't.

Fade by Staind. That was what I used to play over and over again during my stay at my cousin's apartment. Before and after my father died. I was angry then but full of hope and happy. Tomorrow is father's day. Let your father know that you love him. Or else that opportunity will not happen again. I miss my Dad.

My relatives are on the path to forgiving one another. I am thankful yet afraid. These things happen for a reason. I hope no one ... well I'd better not think about it. God help us!

Have to get ready for the swimming.

I got inspired by the debate between Marge and her friend and so don't be surprised if I post sentiments, opinions and thoughts about my beloved country Philippines. I am not an iska for nothing. And blogging is one great way of reaching out to others. Let the people be educated. Let the people know what is really going on.

Watch. Listen. Know. Take a stand. Do something.


Lica said...

Ive watched 2 movies each of Lindsay and Hilary this summer. Mas natouch ako sa mga movies ni Hilary pero aliw din yung Herbie. :)

Good luck with your relatives! It's one step closer to achieving world peace! :)

pobs said...

i like what you said in the end! yea, everybody should NOT just listen and watch, they gotta take a stand and do something! good you shared!

i like Lindsay more..i find Hillary so maarte! though cute at times..eheh

yen said...

lindsay or hillary? neither! hehe. i used to like lndsay when she wasnt anorexic yet hehe. i havent seen any hillary films so i cant comment abt her. puro lindsay pala ung napanood ko hehe.

thanks 4 reminding us that we should not take our dads for granted, we should love our dads and let him know that habang kasama pa ntn cia..

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