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I just finished reading 11 minutes. I learned a lot from that. Grabe! Anyway, I've come across one of his books entitled The Devil and Miss Prym. And I want to read that, too. But not now, not yet. I'm still in the middle of my own battle. I want to win.

I stopped being judgemental and self-righteous when certain challenges came my way. One thing I can say is, it's never right to be judgemental and self-righteous. People make mistakes. I've seen people fall down. It's not really their choice to face such a challenge. But it is given to them. Just by looking, you think it's easy, but when you're the one being challenged, it's hard.

I have my fears. And I am praying not to fall in any traps set by those fears.

Anyway, I said in my last post that I have become single again. I guess it's false alarm. We're still together, battling (battle again...) our issues. But I'm preparing myself in facing my issues. He has to face it, too. And when he can face it with me, then I can say that he really loves me.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and night with him at Baywalk. We listened to live music. Watched the waves. Smelled the sea. Watched people. Talked about anything. Talked about his dreams. Then it rained so we were forced to leave the place. We went to Mini Stop and waited til the rain had stopped.

It's possible. I can be happy with him. But I'm still trying to be complete on my own.


pobs said...

sometimes we need someone to make us complete..i guess he's meant to be with you to win the whatever battle you/he is facing now!

best of luck!
stay happy!

yen said...

ooh thats good to hear that ure back tohgether, sa tingin ko love ka naman nia and hes willing to face your battle together.. goodluck ;)

fjl said...

Good mature thinking x

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