Reading lets us go inside the world of the subject we're reading. For the past few days, I've been inside the world of a human stomach and duodenum. But I'm back. Finished reporting yesterday. The room was packed with interns and co-pharmacists. I love our template. We did well I think.

And I think I am single again. Anyway, there's really not much difference because this relationship failed to do many things. It hurts. Love that fails always yields pain. But based on experience, the pain will fade away.

Got to go back to what I stopped doing 4 months ago.

My cousin Jackie is here!!!

Teka...oo na, sige na, single na nga ako. Pero masaya pa rin ako kase nahiram ko na rin kay Kim and mga libro na noon ko pa gustong basahin at hiramin sa kanya pero di ko magawa-gawa kase kailangan kong mag-review.

Sinimulan ko ng magbasa ng 11 minutes...sa totoo lang inggit ako kay Maria, yung protagonist sa kwento. Sana meron din akong makausap na kagaya ng pagkausap niya sa artist. Di ko pa sya tapos basahin so hindi ko pa alam kung anong mangyayari.

One more night duty and I'm going home again. Puro VL at SPL ako ngayon. Engrandeng bakasyon. Dapat marami akong magawa ngayon. Hmmm...ano kaya? Ayoko ng magplano...di rin naman laging natutuloy eh. I'll just let fate take me wherever it wants to take me. Pero probably manonood lang ako ng tv, tutulong sa gawaing bahay, at makikipagbonding sa mga pinsan ko.

Nahihilo pa ako...kulang pa ako sa tulog.


tin said...

ei, welcome back to singlehood. =)

relax, have fun, enjoy your vacation. keep your mind off certain things. you deserve that. :)

yayam said...

11 minutes..i never got the chance to finish that book. my sister chee grabbed the book from me when i was in page 33 na. im too young pa daw. haha.:p

God bless jassy! :)

yen said...

oh single again??? but y??? pero u sound ok naman khit pa single ka n uli hehe.

i like that book 11 minutes, gs2 ko ung ending nia pro dko sa2bhn shmpre kc d mo pa nata2pos ayko naman sirain ung momentum hehe.

happy wkend

carl said...

hey! how are u doing?? its been so long since the last time weve exchanged messages on friendster. and if i remember it right, it was about blogs.
anyway, i am so addicted to it now. thanks to you! really! u wer the very first one who wanted to show your page and it got me to thinking that i can probably do something like that too.
i am not a good writer kagaya mo. im really impressed. nagkataon lng cguro na i can express wat i fil in wat i write. and i dont care abt wat people say. so un, madami n din akng nahikayat mag-blog. tenks again. oh and by the way, i put ur link on my page. sorry di n ako nkapagpaalam sau.
lastly, di ko natapos ang 11 minutes. parang nabored ako.. hehehe..

pobs said...

ayyy maganda yang 11minutes..acut'lly almost all books of Paulo Coelho! pero one of my fav yang 11 min na yan, dami ko natutunan jan! hihih

fjl said...

Lovely, especially the part I didn't understand .. x

Lica said...

im still reading veronica decides to die. 11 minutes is next on my list. ganda talaga ng books ni paulo coelho.

have fun on your vacation!!

Anonymous said...

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