2nd P. Laygo Tapusan

Last June 2, our 2nd year tapusan was held. It is better this year. The tapusanstarted with a mass headed by fr. Anghel Pusikit. He gave a touching homily about respecting, loving, caring, and understanding for our old parents. It is true that we must put ourselves in the shoes of someone (is that right?) to be able to understand him/her. After the mass, he and the others had breakfast in our house. With the help of the kapisanan, we were able to feed a lot of people. The foods were delicious.


Nanay Metring attended the mass. She wore an elegant dress; however, she matched it with her cute, fluffy bedroom slippers. Comedy talaga ang Nanay!

After the mass and the breakfast, there were games for the kids while the older members of the kapisanan prepared food for the night's events.

My brother and his band (morsel band) would play that night. That was why his bandmates went there early. I used to see them often in our house. But this year, I seldom see them because they've been busy with school and other stuff. It's good to see them just like old times.

birthday boy

Raymond was also with me. In his five-day stay in our place, he charmed his way around. He is really friendly and helpful. And he's cute. Girls have a crush on him. I feel flattered because someone as cute as he is liked me. But then...there's the but. I will tell you about that some other time.

will this be another failure?

The show started that night. Morsel started with a happy birthday song for my brother who was celebrating his 22nd birthday. I was really proud of them. Their performance improved. They used to join band contests and now they're able to perform songs for everyone.

After the Morsel band were Tabo and Timba. They are a funny duo. Although their jokes were green, they were successful in making the audience laugh.

Then there was the KBP band, I think. Composed of 3 sexy ladies and a cute guy (keyboardist).

After their performance, Morsel band played again. This time the youths jammed with them. The group of Pao-Pao and his friends played some songs. People were surprised because they never knew that this group could play and instrument. That night their other talent was discovered.

Raymond sang Wherever You Will Go. He dedicated that to me. I was touched that he still remembered me.

The tapusan ended well. Hopefully next year will top what happened this year. And that also ended the summer for the people of P. Laygo.

Cutie pics:

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