Squished and squashed, my heart needs a little air. And so off I go where no one knows I'd be. I've always been a fool. That's what they made me feel. I have always been ugly. That's what they make me feel right now. Sometimes, when I can't find anyone or anything that I can blame because of all the painful things in my life, I stop and think. Maybe, it's my fault.

I admit that I've made mistakes in my life. That I am aware of. I know I want to do good. And I'm asking for strength to finally do the right thing. To choose what is right. God gave me a working mind to know what is right from wrong. But my heart has been a coward. Sometimes. Courage is what I'm asking for. I can still change. And if people cannot understand what and who I've become and who I want to be, then it's their choice. I've already made my decision.

I will be happy this time.

And oh, to the most handsome brother of mine, HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!!


yayam said...

if you wanna be happy, no one can stop you. it is, after all, your life.:)

brother mo naman?? wow. haha.:p

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