It's a good day after all

Yesterday, after my 2 workmates stood me up, I decided to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I really liked the first movie so I have high expectations from movie 2. As usual, I was entertained by the movie. Capt. Jack Sparrow is still the loony guy, Will Turner is still Will. Elizabeth Swann looked more like Keira Knightley if you know what I mean. But I hated Elizabeth's character because she is still the damsel in distress. I guess, people can't change that fast (in real life) so they show it in movies, too. Some good points are the appearance of Will's father and that pirate whom they fought with on the first movie.

The sceneries are also beautiful. Scary yet calming. Calm rivers, weird creatures along the riverbanks. Houses along the river. It felt like home for me. Maybe because the houses in the province looks like that when there's no current of electricity. I also like the part where people from that scary, calming place held candles while Will, Elizabeth and the rest of the pirates went back to Tia Dalma. Tia Dalma is also very funny and loony. She and Jack Sparrow look good together. Hehe...

The ending is...what can I say...MATRIX 2.

But it's worth your bucks. So watch it!

Another good news for me. It's not yet final but I finally see a crack of hope from my walls of adversities. I am really praying about this and I hope it works out. Another dream on the path to coming true! God gives us talents to be honed. Use the abilities that God gave us. If there's a will there's a way. And if all else fails, remember that surrendering to God's will is the best way to live.


cathy said...

Napanood ko rin Dead Man's Chest kanina. Medyo dragging pero ok naman. Nag-enjoy pa rin ako. Love ko si Capt. Jack! Ang funny nya! Ü

HanAgiRL said...

I heart Johnny Depp!

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